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Villagers beaten before voting; Case registered against BJP worker: Kasba by poll election Get Updates

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HomeelectionKasba Bypoll Election Beaten Woman Money Last Night Bjp Ravindra Dhangekar Dro95By Published on : 26 February 2023, 6:10 amA+A-Pune Kasba Bypoll Voting has started. However, it was seen that many developments have taken place earlier. Shocking information has come to light that the citizens of the town were beaten up yesterday i.e. on Saturday. Not only this, a case has been registered against a BJP worker in this case. (Kasba Bypoll Election beaten woman money last night bjp Ravindra dhangekar) Before the polling, late at night in Ganj Peth in Pune, a huge commotion was seen due to the distribution of money. Shocking information also came to light that a woman was beaten up for not taking money. Late at night, all this kind of thing caused a great commotion in Ganj Peth. There was a huge crowd of spectators at this time. Police have registered a case against BJP workers in this case. Hira Harihar, brother of former BJP corporator Vishnu Appa Harihar in Ganjpeth area, beat up a woman for not taking money. Since yesterday, activists everywhere were feeling money. Harihar’s workers expressed their anger at being dropped. They came to Ganj Peth and abused and beat the citizens. Former Congress MLA Ramesh Bagve alleged in this regard. A complaint has been lodged with the police in this regard. Action has been taken accordingly. Women and youths protested in large numbers on the streets last night against money distribution and pressure. Yesterday, Dhangekar had alleged that large amount of money was distributed in the Kasba Peth Pot election. Women of Loya Nagar Ganj Peth area came out in large numbers saying that it was noticed that money was being distributed in large amount even at night. Citizens have demanded action from the police in this regard. These allegations were made in the presence of Congress candidate Ravindra Dhangekar.We use cookies to provide the best browsing experience on the website. Cookies allow us to recommend content you like. You agree to our privacy and cookies policy.Ok

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