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BJP fears defeat, how many ministers stay in the constituency?; Sanjay Raut told the numbers – Sanjay Raut reaction on Kasba Peth and Chinchwad bypoll election voting Get Updates

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Bhimrao Gawli, Tv9 Marathi Updated on: Feb 26, 2023 | 10:39 AM Shinde group’s executive has decided to give Marathi the status of classical language. A superpower has a central government. Why does this superpower hesitate while giving the status of classical language to Marathi language? sanjay raut Image Credit source: tv9 marathi Mumbai: Voting is going on today for Kasba and Chinchwad by-elections. Thackeray MP Sanjay Raut has criticized the BJP over this election. There were five to six government ministers in each constituency. Was there any need for these ministers to camp in both the constituencies? Camping of ministers in constituencies is an attempt to put pressure on the administration. Sanjay Raut criticized that when there is a fear of defeat, BJP starts creating confusion. He was interacting with the media.

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